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Black Friday Specials ...

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Cold / Heat Therapy Wrap
w/ Sauna Blanket Session ...

Body Treatment

If your trying to firm the skin or lose inches and cellulite.

Choose one of our Cold / Thermal Heat Wraps.


Our Cold Wrap promotes fluid draining and breaks down cellulite.


  While our Thermal Heat Wrap generates heat and helps to elimante excess fat from the body.

3 treatments | 60 mins. | $195

(reg. price $240)


Dermaplane Facial w/
Vita C Infusion ... 

Facial Treatment

Revitalize your skin with a fresh, safe, dermaplaning treatment.  No chemicals needed.  You’ll be glowing in no time!
Dermaplaning is a professional, non-invasive, method of deep exfoliation and resurfacing.  The procedure is designed to remove dull skin and fine facial hair.

3 treatments | 50mins. | $295

(reg. price $350)


Hydro Facial w/ 
Oxygen Infusion ...

Facial Treatment

The perfect skincare solution for the time challenged by quickly bathing the skin in rich antioxidants and hydrating hyaluronic acid. First, deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation, continues with painless extractions, and ends with a burst of hydration.

3 treatments | 50mins. | $350

(reg. price $465)

*pricing updated as of September 2021 subject to change.

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