Massage ...

Add - Ons

Aromatherapy - $10

Cupping - $15

Customized Massage ...

Mini Massage ... 

This massage provides relief to a specific problem areas, such as back, legs, and feet.  We focus on that one speccific

area to provide you some relief.


A massage that is designed to your specific needs, especially for relaxation and relief of muscular tension, improvement of circulation and range of motion with some stretching to also relieve strains and inflammation.  Includes hot towels to the back and foot area.

Light to moderate pressure.

(Pressure can be adjusted, but this is NOT a deep tissue massage)

60mins./$95   |   75mins./$125   |   90mins. | $145

Hot Stone Massage ...

Strategic placement of warmed volcanic stones will have you experiencing the deepest state of relaxation. The warmed stones radiate deep into the muscle to enhance circulation.

Special movements soothe away stress and muscle aches. Includes hot towels on back and feet.

Highly recommended for active people.

Light to Moderate pressure.

(Pressure can be adjusted, but this is NOT a deep tissue massage)

   60mins./$110   |   75mins./$130   |   90mins. | $150

Pre-Natal Massage ... 

Regular Pre-Natal Massages during your pregnancy can not only reduce stress and boost the immune system, it can also help to alleviate back and sciatic pain, and bring a sense of overall relaxation.  Various pillows will be used in such a way that helps to relieve pressure on certain areas of the body and ensure complete comfort during your services.


Therapeutic Massage ...

*pricing updated as of October 2020 and subject to change

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